The Edwards’ historic brunch

Was invited for a very special brunch at The Edwards, at Cairo Festival City. From the moment you step in, you see a ton of cool vintage art pieces and historic items. 

We got to meet the owner (Sherif Edwards – who has handwritten the story behind him opening the place on their menu), and gave us a quick tour of the place. We could tell his father was a great inspiration to the creation of the place, from all his items all over. 

Not only was it a nice place to hang out, the drinks were all cool and fresh, and the food was also exceptional. 

We started off with some appetizers, Asian shrimps with sweet & sour glaze and roasted peanuts (our favorite of the day), chicken spring rolls and Gouda sticks with panko breading, also another favorite from the appetizers we tried, changing the entire game of cheese sticks & made me wonder why this was never a thing (a.k.a. adios mozzarella sticks). 


We couldn’t get enough of their yummy appetizers, we thought we’d try some more 🙂

Quesadillas, with mushrooms, chicken, mixed cheese, sour cream & salsa. They were pretty good and lean, probably just needed a little more cheese to melt with every bite.

Rice cakes, I honestly did not know what to expect with this one, it’s like a breaded rice crust stuffed with cheese, all dipped in delicious marinara sauce.

We also tried two of their delicious salads, the grilled Halloumi salad & the Thai beef salad, which was just extraordinary. Beef was so tender and marinated to perfection.

Next up, we had a variety of main courses come our way. Starting off with the Cashew Chicken Bowl, hoisin marinated chicken, much like sweet chili & served with seasonal vegetables, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, spring onion omelette and coconut rice. 

This next dish, was also one of our favorites, the Chicken and Shrimp Crab Sauce, grilled chicken, shrimps topped with creamy crab sauce, capers and dill. You can’t really tell what’s underneath, but I can guarantee it was delicious. 

I personally ordered the Chicken Cheese BBQ (a.k.a. Hickory Smoked Chicken), with so much melted cheese & sun-dried tomatoes (both of which I can’t get enough of), barbeque sauce, ginger and smoked beef around the grilled marinated chicken breast, which was nice & juicy. 

Our friends also tried the steak, and said it was exquisite.

After all this food, it was time to slow things down, have a drink and end not-so-much-of-a-brunch-now with some sweet sweet dessert!

We went their Pain Perdu (a.k.a. French Toast), but not your typical toast, oh no. This was actually made from the famous French pastry brioche. The bread alone was just perfect, so big & puffy, its served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. 

This was pretty much what our “brunch” experience was like, I totally recommend you give The Edwards a visit.

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