More than just bread in that basket

With all these Iftar & Sohour invitations coming our way during the first week of Ramadan and me not having the time to make it to any of them, I decided to start with Sohour at Bread Basket.

When I first got this invitation, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as they’re known for their donuts, pastries and well, bread. Here I am, with absolute no expectations for the food I’m about to have for Sohour (the food that’ll make me survive the fasting the following day, sorry for the dramatics, but it’s true).

We had a little chat with the lovely owner Dima, who was very sweet and friendly, after that we started ordering our Sohour.

Starting with the “bread basket”, with an assortment of delicious freshly baked bread.

Then came some classic dips to go with the bread, as well as fava beans (فول) cooked in different ways, white cheese with tomatoes (one of my favorites).

Right after that, we got the falafel (طعمية) & eggs, which were also cooked different ways, we had sunny side-up eggs with sausages, a pastrami omelette (another favorite of mine) and shakshouka (شكشوكة), which is basically scrambled eggs, cooked with tomatoes & onions. Absolutely delicious.

At first I thought it was a little strange that they didn’t have regular appetizers that everyone served in Ramadan, but after we tried all the food, I didn’t really care as everything was just delicious and cooked well, which is a pretty rare thing in actual restaurants during Ramadan.

After that we got us some desserts, they had feteer, Om Ali and Ramadan dessert cups. These all may sound like the kind of desserts you’d find almost everywhere during Ramadan, but you’re wrong. All of Bread Basket’s Ramadan desserts have croissant in them (the Om Ali & dessert cups).

I tried the Nutella Konafa cup, with some cream and croissant bits, it was really good.

And that was all from our pleasant experience at Bread Basket. I honestly was going to just check it out, and had other Sohour plans that night, but ended up staying for 4 hours. They also have shisha and special smoothies, during Ramadan.

Even these guys approve 🙂

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