Kiryako, a new dining concept

I was invited to this new cool place in Tagamo3 (New Cairo) called “Kiryako” “الخواجة كرياكو“.


They serve traditional Egyptian street food, with a nice twist. The place has a vintage vibe, with old Coca Cola ads, and old-time scale, local seating setting with checkered sheets and street signs. IMG_8006.JPG

The concept of the place is that it’s a restaurant/deli/convenient store. You can actually see the deli meat in the big display fridge, order some of their delightful deli meat sandwiches and get a snack from their different stands full of chocolates, potato chips, biscuits and others.

In addition to that, they have an ice-cream machine, where you get to create your own mix, a fridge full with freshly squeezed juices in classic Sinalco-like bottles and jars of pickles.IMG_8003

Now to the food!

We started off with their AMAZING Hawawshi (حواوشي), which I absolutely loved. The bread was so fresh & soft, and not at all soggy or oily, which almost never happens in a hawawshi sandwich. It was a little spicy, but not any more than a regular hawawshi sandwich out there.IMG_8001IMG_8002

Next, we tried the minced sausage sandwiches (سجق اسكندراني). This was probably my favorite thing so far. Different bread than the others, regular soft bread but was so fresh. The sausage was cooked in a really good, well-marinated red sauce, with different spices, which I just can’t explain.IMG_7999

The third (and last sandwich) we tried was their special Kiryako sausage sandwich. Served with thick slices of cucumbers and tomatoes, and melted cheese. This was also good, I would’ve probably added more cheese, as the vegetables taste kind of overlapped with the sausage and cheese, taking away all the flavor.IMG_7998

Moving on from their sandwiches, and onto their hotpots.

First pot had rice and Kofta (كفتة داوود باشا), the best of the hotpots served. The kofta was very nice, not too much herbs and spices, as it usually is everywhere else. I like kofta simple, to actually taste the meat.IMG_7997

This next one, was Pasta with minced sausages. Which I loved too, especially that it was the same sausage I loved in the sandwich from earlier.IMG_7996

Last item on the hotpot list was the Pasta with liver. Didn’t love those two mixed, felt a little off for me. However, I tried the liver on its own, and it was pretty good.IMG_7995

After all the face-stuffing was done. People started lining up for the ice-cream machine, while others (myself included) enjoyed their fresh-out-of-the-oven pizookies! They had 2 kinds of pizookie, Nutella & Reece’s. I tried the Reece’s, and it was just delicious! Hot, gooey and fresh. They served it with vanilla ice-cream, I thought it was kind of bland, and would recommend you get it the pizookie sans ice-cream.IMG_7994

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