Sabaya with Baz | InterContinental Semiramis

Had a nice special dinner at Sabaya with some exquisite dishes prepared by the Lebanese chef Walid Baz, at Intercontinental Semiramis.

Starting us off with some pretty pomegranate cocktails, and then the absolutely delicious starters, especially the hummus dip with whole chickpeas and the two eggplant dishes. One of which had stir-fried eggplants, tomatoes and arugula.

Another great dish was the seafood platter. The salmon was slightly overcooked, shrimp was pretty good but my favorite on that dish was the sea bass, perfectly juicy and tender.

The winner of the night has got to be the “Kothbareya”, which had a base of sea bass (also cooked to perfection), topped with spicy mixed vegetables mostly consisting of coriander, giving that dish its perfect flavorful taste.

And that’s not all. We were then served 3 dessert dishes, my absolute favorite was the crispy Konafa on a bed of melted cheese. Although a quite dense dish, but worth every bite indeed.

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