Arkan Hopping | Feeding Fiesta

When it comes to food-related events, its usually just the one place, every now & then it’s an event for two places, but this week I got an invitation to go eat at eight places in one outing. Yes, EIGHT.

Ten foodies including myself met at Arkan (Sheikh Zayed) for a 6-hour journey of food hopping (or as the invitation said ‘Arkan Hopping’). Starting off with freshly squeezed juices and cocktails from one of my personal favorites ‘Raw Republic’, then moving on to the first restaurant of the day ‘Dar Ward’, where we had a variety of Middle Eastern salads, appetizers & dips. I have to say the sausage rolls were my fave.


Next on the list, we went to Gigi Bar. I’m not sure if the choices of food served there were the best. I love their potato skins & Mac N Cheese, but we were served some salads & pan seared tuna, which I didn’t really love. I got the grilled goat cheese salad, it had spinach grilled goat cheese, wholewheat croutons, honey & balsamic vinaigrette.


After Gigi’s, we crossed over to L’Asiatique, the latest addition to Le Pacha West. Known for their sushi, beef teriyaki and noodles. I got the chicken corn soup, which was pretty nice.IMG_9857

At this point, we were done with all the starters and appetizers, and down to the good stuff. And took a little walk to il Loft. One of the few places that makes a good authentic Italian pizza. Which would make sense for us to get some pizza, but no. We were given a choice of sea bass or salmon. I went with the pan seared salmon. Although it may have looked a little dry or unseasoned, but it was SO JUICY and just delicious.IMG_9858

You’d think that’s the only main course we got to have on our wondrous journey, but no. We then went to La Scala, previously known as everyone’s pizzeria Maison Thomas. Again,  I thought ‘ok, so NOW we get the pizza’, but no, we did not 🙂 We had a choice of Beef or Veal, I went with the beef, cooked with balsamic vinegar and arugula, and with a side of chunky steak fries.


At this point, I was so high from all the food, I started hallucinating, laughing hysterically at anything anyone said, and what better way to fix that than a big-ass plate of dessert. And not just any dessert, the ELVIS. We started stumbling across Arkan for the semi-final round at Mince. I don’t think I need to explain the Elvis, cuz you must’ve tried it by now, but here we go anyways. The Elvis is basically 2 pieces of hot & chunky French toast, stuffed with Nutella and bananas, topped with vanilla ice cream, cookies and SO MUCH caramel sauce all over.IMG_9861

At this point, we started losing foodies, literally. The few of us that survived till the final round, walked by to il Caffe Di Roma. One of my personal favorite coffee places here. We got to choose from their big variety of coffee & chocolate drinks. I go there quite often myself, and always get the Triestino (espresso with condensed milk) or the famous Creme Espresso. This time however, I thought I’d give their other stuff a try. My favorite was the Italian Chocolate. It was so warm, sweet and smooth.

And that was the end of our fun food journey at Arkan Plaza. The whole experience was so much fun, especially that you’re doing it with your friends and the cool gang at Mint & Co who sent me this invitation.

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