Good Food Good Mood, at Citadel Grill

This review will be a little different, as I’d like to take you through our experience in general, still counts as a food review though 🙂

So last night, Ramses Hilton (a place I hadn’t been to in years), held this cool cozy event at one of their restaurant Citadel Grill, all the big social media butterflies were invited, and us humble foodies 🙂  

The restaurant had a very nice ambiance, candle lights (which made photographing the food a bit of a challenge). Also joining that event was Miss Belgium and her friends, which was definitely an appreciated addition to our pleasurable experience 🙂 


As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by the Greek Head Chef, Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, who also gave a very cool Ramses Hilton branded apron to everyone coming in, and it was a pleasure meeting him for sure.  

The minute you enter, you see two guys playing beautiful classic live music, all night long. 

Now to the good stuff!

First, you need to know this is a seafood/Mediterranean restaurant. There were some hors d’oeuvres on the main table, from shrimp cocktails, smoked salmon rolls, cutout roast beef slices, roasted chicken, different salads (like Caesar salad & crab salad), a delicious paste with berries on top (that I just loved, but couldn’t get a clear grip on what’s in it) and other assortment of shrimps and salmon.       

After we munched on these yummy treats for a while, we were served the main course. It had grilled buttery shrimps, grilled salmon and seabass marinated to perfection, and on the side, steamed vegetables and risotto with a Parmesan twist (literally rolled in a huge Parmesan cheese wheel in front of us by the Head Chef, and I must say the seabass was amazing and the risotto was one of the best I’ve had in a long time!

Afterwards, I was told the chef wanted to take a picture with the foodies in his kitchen, so we all gathered around to go in, and as we did, it was in fact a surprise birthday celebration for 4 of us April born foodies (including myself), with a delicious buttermilk cake (with BISCOFF FROSTING made by me good friend Ramy Soliman (@ramysoli), I was very happy at this point, especially with the awesome Batman figurine they got me.  

We sang happy birthday, took a few more pictures with the Chef and the Hilton team & calls it a night.

Definitely a night I won’t forget, and I totally recommend you give Citadel Grill a visit soon.

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