Butcher’s Burger, not just burgers anymore

If you’re following my food blog on Instagram, you’d know how much I love Butcher’s Burgers. This however, has nothing to do with their burgers. In fact, it’s just for their breakfast menu (yes, it’s that good!)

Butcher’s is becoming one of my favorite breakfast spots in Sheikh Zayed, I’ve already gone twice in the past week. 

Their breakfast menu has a variety of omelettes, sandwiches, pancakes & breakfast combos, I always go for the combos of course haha

You want to order the Butcher’s breakfast combo, where you get 3 eggs (cooked to your choice of scrambled, sunny side-up or omelette), beef sausages, hot buttered toast, hash browns. bacon strips, some fresh vegetables, a stack of pancakes & delicious freshly squeezed orange juice. The only thing I’d add to this dish, is having my eggs poached, and maybe I’d put them on the buttered toast and bacon strips, the toast is just awesome, we usually munch on it on its own.

As much as I love the combos, I thought I’d give their other breakfast items a try. This one right here is the Butcher’s omelette. 3 eggs stuffed with cheddar (I changed it to red cheddar), mushrooms and sausages. Served with hash browns and fresh vegetables.  

If you end up ordering a dish that doesn’t come with a stack of pancakes, you need to get pancakes, seriously!

Butcher’s pancakes are awesome, I don’t know why almost everywhere else fail to bake the perfect pancake, but not Butcher’s. It comes of course with your choice of sauce (chocolate, caramel or maple), and of course I always get maple syrup, because it’s stupid not to (no offense). 

Last time I went, I realized they also served waffles! They serve it with ice cream and chocolate/caramel sauce, but I like my waffles plain soaked in maple syrup. They were good, not too crispy not too soggy, but I’m definitely getting the pancakes next time 🙂 

That’s pretty much all you need to know, or in other words, all I’ve tried so far off Butcher’s breakfast menu. I intend to try their breakfast burger next time, will let you know how that goes.

I totally recommend you give their breakfast a try, though they only serve breakfast at their Westown Hub branch, it’s definitely worth the drive.

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