Crave, a new favorite every time

Before I get into my review, let me just explain the title 🙂

Crave is one of those places that cater to everyone, with their great consistent quality over the years they’ve been in business. And every time I try something new, it’s an immediate new favorite dish.

Let me start by their shrimp konafa, which is their most significant signature item, with just the right amount of crispness on the outside. A lot of places serve shrimp konafa now, but Crave is where I tried (and loved) it first.

Another one of my favorite appetizers is their stuffed mushroom dish. Basically they are fresh mushrooms, stuffed with cheese and a little spice, deep-fried into perfection. I just can’t go there and not order these babies. 

Moving on to bigger & better things.

This one is one of their menu items, the Cajun shrimp pasta. Delicious sauce, but not quite as good as their other new pasta dish, the steak & mushroom pasta, which unfortunately I don’t have a photo to show, as it was devoured almost instantly 🙂 that’s how good it was. 

Now, I’ve been eating at Crave for years, ever since it was just their Zamalek branch, and I’ve always ordered their Cordon rose dish. Fried chicken breast, stuffed with smoked salmon, mushrooms and cheese; covered in this very delicious creamy sauce. I mean, what’s not to love.

Having said that, just last week, I thought I’d try a new main course. And I’m glad I did. This next dish is also one of their classic dishes, the Turkey Scaloppine, with a side of creamy pesto pasta. The turkey was very yummy, huge portion, and just goes to prove that anything tastes better deep-fried 🙂

Another signature dish you’ll find at Crave, if not the most significant, is their chocolate fondant dessert dish. It’s just one of those constantly pleasing desserts, the melted chocolate with the vanilla ice cream is just magical, especially that moment when you pop open the cake, that we all love 🙂 

Even though this next dish is no longer on the menu, which I wasn’t happy about AT ALL, but I thought I’d share my opinion on it regardless. Who knows, maybe they’d hear me out and bring it back 🙂

And that dish is their peanut butter cookie and ice cream, the name sort of says it all, but let me elaborate. It’s basically a big home baked peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie, served in a hot plate, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and your choice of sauce. This was my personal favorite dessert at Crave, I like to think of it as a hidden gem.  

That’ll be all for now, I’m sure I’ll be discovering new things on their menu, as they are constantly bringing more & more deliciousness into our world.

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