Dip N Dip, making chocoholics flip

This is not just another review, I repeat, this is not just another review.

I’ve been waiting so long to eat at Dip N Dip, ever since they opened their first branch in New Cairo, to try all their amazing crepes & waffles and now that they’ve finally came to my side of town, I’ve reached new levels of excitement.

So far, I only got to try 4 of their desserts, the most recommended ones, and as I just mentioned, I couldn’t wait to try more and was just to excited to write this review, so you could all go and see for yourselves 🙂

I’m going to start with the Dip N Dip Waffle. Which I personally thought was spectacular. The waffle was baked to perfection, which surprisingly is a rare thing. It wasn’t too hard or too soggy when we added the hot Belgian milk chocolate on it, it was just perfect, with a side of fresh strawberries, kiwi, bananas & whipped cream.

Next up, another signature dish I must say, is their fettuccine crepe, yes, you read that correctly “fettuccine”, as in crepes cut out like fettuccine pasta, also drizzled in hot Belgian chocolate and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This next one, was also a very delicious treat. Brownie crepe, basically a regular crepe, stuffed with brownies and topped with A LOT of hot Belgian chocolate.


This awesome crepe also comes stuffed with cookies, equally delicious. You can smell the freshly baked smell as you dig in.  

Last on my humble list, are the cream puff pyramid. They’re small chocolate & cream stuffed pastries/puffs. This time we covered them up with dark chocolate   

I think it’s suffice to say, you should definitely go to Dip N Dip.

All these dishes are huge in portion, my advice is get some of them to share with a group and get to taste different ones too 😉

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