Capital Grill, a treat for all tastes 

Thursday is here at last, weekend’s almost starting, always feels like the last day of school. We thought we’d go out for a nice dinner, and a nice dinner we had.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Capital Grill, that just opened their new branch in Rivulet (up & coming place in Sheikh Zayed).

I have to say I was very impressed with the quality & speedy service, friendly staff and most importantly the FOOD!

Their menu is huge, mostly international dishes, everything we ordered was just delicious.

They start you off with little bread rolls with dip & green apple soda. 

First thing I ordered were their Mac & Cheese balls, which I’ve been obsessing over since I had them at The Cheesecake Factory a couple of months ago. For an appetizer, it was a great portion, I would’ve liked more Mac than cheese, but it was definitely a nice crispy treat.

Now for a main dish, I ordered the Pizza Beef Fillet, sounds weird, but it was actually pretty awesome. Basically, it’s a big juicy slice of beef fillet (I like it cooked medium well), topped with mozzarella, mushrooms & vegetables. And you get to choose 2 side orders; I went for the colored seafood rice & mashed potato gratin, covered with more yummy mozzarella.  


My friends ordered amazing dishes too 🙂

Beef & burrito, need I say more? 🙂   
Grilled chicken in white creamy sauce, with fresh mushrooms.


And a classic grilled chicken dish, with fresh mushrooms & sautéed vegetables (someone’s on a diet).

As a big fan of deep fried chicken, this next dish was a favorite of mine. Their chicken MCM. Two deep-fried chicken breasts topped with melted cheese & fresh mushrooms, served with a side of pasta (your choice of sauce). 

Last, but most definitely not least, was dessert time.

I tried their Captial Cheesecake, which is basically 3 medium sized cheesecakes, one with strawberry chunks & sauce, one with caramel sauce & one with chocolate.

My friends also ordered their Cheese Madness, which is basically cheesecake, with a big layer of vanilla ice cream between the cheese and biscuit base.

And the manager was kind enough to send us a complementary dessert too, chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream. 

In conclusion, the place is amazing, very cozy and a big menu variety, very quick service, all the food tasted amazing and great value for money too.

Go check it out, I know I’ll be going back soon to try more stuff 😉

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