Cookie Biscoff Heaven

So after a long long day at work, I thought I’d go home & treat myself. And treat myself I DID 🙂

Initially I was going to have some leftover ice cream from the night before (Pralines & cream from Baskin Robbins, with croquant). 

But then, I thought I’d get a little creative. 

First off, I baked some chocolate chip cookies, because why the hell not?! 🙂

 home baked 
The plan here was to cut off the cookies in little chunks, and just put them all over the ice cream, nice huh?

But no, I just had to go a little further. Next up, I thought I should have some sauce to perfect my creation. I was torn between Nutella & Biscoff, and since I’ve been playing around Nutella for a while, I decided to go with the Biscoff.

Mixed half a teaspoon of butter and a whole lot of Biscoff in a saucepan, to create the mighty sauce.

Now that all’s been perfected, it was serving time 🙂


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