Morning made at Qahwa

I’m always on the lookout for places that serve good breakfast, and have to say more & more places are starting to boom in that area, but I find it very rare that a place actually serves good coffee, along with a a great breakfast.

Not only is it in the name, but Qahwa really do make one of the best coffees in town AND serve soy milk, which I have trouble finding, almost everywhere else.

Here are some of my favorite things there.

1- Breakfast (get eggs, always!)

I’m obsessed with their omelettes, especially the spinach & mushroom omelette and the sausage omelette, both insane portions & stuffed with melted cheddar, and like all their eggs dishes, they’re served with fresh mushrooms & roasted potatoes. cheese eggs breakfast  eggs beef cheese 

If you like your eggs a little runny, you’re in the right place for sure, they make one hell of a sunny side-up dish, also served on melted cheddar and with a side of fresh mushrooms & roasted potatoes. breakfast egg yolk 

And that’s not all, they also make a pretty good Eggs Benedict, with smoked salmon and that sweet hollandaise sauce, even though it’s a little smaller -portion wise- still very satisfying. salmon poached eggs 

2- Desserts

Here are some other stuff you want to try at Qahwa, that I like to think of as hidden gems 🙂

What’s breakfast without these next 2 classic favorites. Qahwa make really nice French toast & pancakes (served with chocolate chips & maple syrup).

 maple syrup 
Getting deeper into dessert mode with this next one, Chocolate chip fudge cake, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, the chocolate chips are perfectly melted inside the cake, and it’s just..AMAZING! And in case you’re wondering, yes, that’s one to share 😉ice cream vanilla caramel 

Another great dessert items is their Oreo brownie cheesecake, it looks small, but there’s a lot happening with this one, you might want to share that one too. chocolate 

3- Coffee (I mean, it’s in their name)

Im very picky when it comes to my cup of coffee, it’s annoying, even to myself 🙂 but with Qahwa right under the office, I know I’m getting a good cup of coffee I need to start my day. 

Whether it’s an ice cold frappe or a hot caramel macchiato 🙂

Qahwa is a very up & coming place right now, with a new branch at The Waterway (New Cairo), I recommend you visit on weekdays, whereas weekends are pretty busy, and could take some time till you get a table, but it’s definitely worth the visit, consistent quality and great value for money.

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