Lebanese Diner, from Beirut with love!

Lebanese Diner, the latest addition to Al Guezira Plaza in their recently opened extension area in the back. Something clicked for me as soon as I entered the place and made it feel like home. With a cool vintage sign, graffiti and classic diner interior.IMG_2402

I went there for lunch, and got to try a few things off their menu, which is mostly Lebanese with some classic diner items.

One of my favorite things at Lebanese Diner was their MAC & CHEESE! They have one with chicken & mushrooms, but the one I tried was the spicy shrimp one. It was absolutely AMAZING! I loved how subtle the shrimps were cut and just drenched in between the pasta and cheese, adding flavor to every bite, instead of the usual big chunks of shrimp you may find elsewhere.

Their Hummus 7ar dip is not to miss! With roasted almonds and chili.IMG_2350

Next up I tried some of their sandwiches. Which were delicious in either bread choices, I preferred the ‘Bel 3arabi’ one though. The shish tawook was great, tender chicken with a hint of a zesty flavor and my favorite addition to any sandwich PICKLES. The Kebab 7ar was also incredible!

For dessert, I tried the chocolate chip peanut butter cookie, baked in a hot skillet and topped with peanut butter and vanilla ice cream! Which I absolutely loved, with its soft texture

The owner was kind enough to bring us a complimentary avocado shake with honey, which I LOVED and an INSANE Nutella chocolate fondant, baked and served with vanilla ice cream. Halfway through my meal I was pretty certain I was going to come back to Lebanese Diner, but after this dessert, I AM DEFINITELY coming back, and very soon 🙂

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