I’m in Miami…BEACH!

I’ve been wanting to share some of my travel experiences, especially my US trip last fall. One of my favorite cities was Miami, Florida. Something about it made me want to go back the second I left, so much culture and its festive vibes makes it stand out from other big US cities.

As a fan of Latin culture & cuisine, Miami seemed like the perfect addition to our trip. We didn’t really get to stay that long, or at least as long as we would’ve liked to.

The minute you land in Miami International Airport you could sense the Latin culture, with all the Spanish signs & the people.

Once I settled in in our AirBnB on Ocean Drive, I took a little walk around and found myself at this Cuban restaurant called ‘Puerto Sagua’ which was coincidentally recommended to me ahead of my trip. Waiters didn’t really speak much English, if not at all, but that was fine by me as I got to practice some of my Spanish; the place had a very local essence with simple cutlery, squeaky furniture and old huge menus in Spanish, just loved it! This was my first time trying Cuban food, I got to try this insanely juicy shredded beef dish called ‘Ropa Vieja’ that had a strong flavors combination of cumin, oregano & garlic; served with a side of rice & sweet plantains. Plantains are a type of bananas. But unlike bananas, plantains are usually fried or baked before serving.

My first morning in Miami was absolutely peaceful! Had an AMAZING breakfast at ‘The Local House’ which happened to be right outside our apartment, followed by a nice long walk along the beach where I got to chill with some drinks all day! Now back to breakfast! The Local House was so good I actually went back on my last time. On my first day, I had their crab cake egg benedict which was ALSO recommended and now I know why! I never really loved crab cakes until I had it with a perfectly poached egg, and perfectly whipped hollandaise sauce! I’m literally craving this as I type this 🙂

My second visit to The Local House was just as pleasing. Went with the lobster benedict, I’ve been obsessing over lobsters my entire trip haha. This too was served with a side of delicious roasted potatoes.

One of the perks of staying on Ocean Drive (which I recommend for a first time visitor) is that you get to experience all kinds of different activities walking distance! From beach workouts & monkey bars, to all sorts of dining options all the way to the highly rated beach bar ‘Nikki Beach’ at the very end. Also at the tip of South Beach Miami is the signature South Pointe Pier. Awesome place to just watch the ocean, the birds and the majestic sunset as it drops through Miami’s broad skyline, awesome selfie spot too 😉

My next stop was LUNCH! Another place I stopped by twice this trip was this Tex-Mex restaurant ‘Jalapeño Mexican Kitchen’. This was my first REAL taco experience. The chef was so nice, when he found out I was a food blogger he made me a special taco dish with all 3 kinds (beef, chicken & shrimp) which they usually serve separately. My second visit there was also after a day at the beach, got to try their incredibly juicy (and dense) beef quesadillas!!

Took another walk after lunch watching the sun magically setting over the Atlantic Ocean, and into the night (it’s THAT poetic haha). We got to Ocean Drive at night now, which is also full of all kinds of fun things to do, and fun memories to make *wink*. I recommend you try a few of the bars/cafés along Ocean Drive, especially with every night being Margarita night.

Now there’s a lot to do during the day in Miami, from beach parties, exercising, bike riding, sightseeing and SHOPPING!! We mostly relaxed by the beach, swam in the ocean, ate from this amazing Italian gelato place ‘Gelato-Go’ that was right across from our apartment. Grab a snack & do some shopping at Lincoln Center (must-visit), we even went to an open-mic night at this bar downtown, and watched some cool stand-up.

Our third day also included a variety of delicious food. Starting off with a healthier breakfast choice at ‘DIRT’. It’s a nice cozy place to pick up some healthy smoothies & snacks, I tried their avocado toast breakfast sandwich which was pretty good, and super filling!

Now our next meal was by far, the most memorable of our stay in Miami, sushi at Pubbelly! Located in Brickell, which was a bit of a ride from Ocean Drive (where we were staying), but worth every Lyft $. This place was BEYOND incredible. Lovely service, ambiance, cool fancy neighborhood and the food! OMG the fooooood! First of all, I had my first poke sushi bowl there, and it was EVERYTHING! Got to try a bunch of their sushi rolls, like the butter shrimp roll which is NOT to be missed! The food was just so fresh, delicious and served in great portions & variety, and last but most definitely not least, looked SO pretty; in other words INSTAGRAMMABLE!

Here are some other stuff I’d love to do next time I’m in Miami:

  • More beach parties/bars
  • Explore more Latin cuisine
  • See Gianni Versace’s residence (I just finished watching American Crime Story)
  • Check out more night clubs (they’re CRAZY partiers)
  • Make it to Northern part of town, as I only spent like 2-3 hours walking around
  • And definitely stay longer

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