My kind of Ramadan nights 🌙

Ramadan is usually known for the big tents all over Cairo, and everyone is trying to make it to the best tent in town.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the big tents, they’re always so crowded and loud, food & service is not always the best in compared to what you’ve paid.

I’d rather chill with my friends, have good food and actually have the ability to talk and hear the people I’m with. And Palm Hills clubhouse is definitely one of the gems in 6th of October during Ramadan, and has been one of my favorite sohour places for years.

This year we went to their Ramadan-themed spot El Hara (الحارة).

The whole place was decorated with all kinds of Ramadan-esque decorations, from the colorful festive street lights, to the wall resembling a typical Egyptian “7ara”, very simple, very beautiful.

Not just that. The whole area was surrounded by different food carts, and food stations; there was a falafel station, a foul (beans) station, a guy grilling corn cobs, a dessert station, a shawerma station and a sandwich station (making liver and sausage sandwiches).IMG_2954IMG_2987.JPGIMG_2991IMG_2992IMG_2994IMG_2999

And unlike other tents, the stations actually work and you could actually create your own foul dish.

The food was good, I especially liked the Zalabya, which we don’t get enough of really.There was also live music (تخت شرقي) playing throughout the night, an overall pleasant experience.

I recommend you visit on weekdays, a lot less crowded and easier to get seats, you might need to know a club member.


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